Cold Sore

How often do you have oral herpes outbreaks?

Do you currently have or suspect you have an oral herpes outbreak?

Are you currently taking any of the following medications?

Have you tried any additional treatments in the past?

If yes, what was your treatment and was it successful?

How often do you want to take your herpes medication?

Are you currently breastfeeding, currently pregnant, or may become pregnant?

Do any of these conditions apply to you?

What type of treatment are you looking for?

*Episodic treatment is recommended if you only want to treat your herpes outbreaks at the first sight of infection. Suppression treatment is recommended if you have frequent and/or severe outbreaks, or if you want to reduce the chance of transmitting herpes to your sexual partner.

Is there anything else related to treatment that you'd like to ask or discuss with your medical provider?

Do you have a preferred treatment?

Would you like to share anything else with your provider through an upload?

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