Excessive Sweating

How often do you have episodes of excessive sweating?

Where do you experience excessive sweating? Please select all that apply.

For the body parts affected, do you experience sweating on both sides of your body (for example, both armpits or both palms of your hands) or only on one side?

How old were you when you started having episodes where you sweat excessively?

What triggers your excessive sweating?

When do you usually experience an episode of excessive sweating?

Do you sweat while you are relaxing?

Have you ever talked to a doctor about your excessive sweating in the past?

Have you tried any of these treatments? Please select all that apply.

Have you ever had a procedure done to address your excessive sweating (Botox injections, surgical or laser procedures, etc.)?

Have you tried any other treatments in the past? If yes, what was your treatment and was it successful?

Do you have any other skin conditions besides excessive sweating?

Do you have any family members who have also suffered from excessive sweating?

Are you currently breastfeeding, currently pregnant, or may become pregnant?

Have you ever been diagnosed with any of the following conditions? Please select all that apply.

Is there anything else related to treatment that you'd like to ask or discuss with your medical provider?

Do you have a preferred treatment?

Would you like to share anything else with your provider through an upload?

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